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Quad Biking at Adventure Now

Experience proper woodland quad biking at its best!

After a short safety briefing and practice run, you’ll navigate through our dense woodland, with plenty of thrills and challenges to test your skills.

From complete beginner to seasoned pro, there’s plenty to explore. So, look no further for the ultimate in quad biking.

Get out of your comfort zone and enjoy probably the best quad biking in the world.

Quad Biking


20-50 minute driving time

Minimum 12 years old. Under 16s must be specially arranged

Book a private session for £40 extra

Minimum 2 people

Manchester only

Upgrade to the Quad Combo and add another activity for £20

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Choose Your Quad Bike Experience

Quad Ramble

20 mins - £45

  • 20 minutes
  • No obstacles

Drive through varied landscapes, weave through dense pinewood, whilst bumping over fallen trees; to 'Jurassic Park' reminiscent of the Land of the Dinosaurs, with giant ferns and towering rhododendrons that you'll squeeze around on carved tracks.

Quad Trek

40 mins - £59

  • 40 minutes
  • Man-made obstacles

The 40-minute Quad Trek is our most popular quad session which includes everything from the Quad Ramble and adds in more challenging and exciting elements of the track, including a range of obstacles.

There are many great photo opportunities.

Quad Explorer

50 mins - £69

  • 50 minutes
  • Best value
  • All of the obstacles
  • Reserved sections of track

Our premium quad biking experience gives you 50 minutes of epic quad biking and is built for anyone wanting the ultimate woodland Quad Biking.

Covering all of the track and experiencing all of the obstacles, with the best bits being reserved for you. Get set for the ride of your life.

What You Get

Full-size quad bike, ideal for the terrain we'll encounter

A safety brief and instructions on how to drive the quads

An overview of what the route is likely to cover as this varies with the weather

A full 20, 40 or 50 minutes driving your quad over fantastic terrain and obstacles

Proper quad biking and quirky obstacles in woodland that tests your skills and ability

You'll not be racing around in a field, if that's what you want, look elsewhere!

What to Bring

You'll be issued with a crash helmet. Helmets are compulsory - if you have your own motorcycle helmet you are welcome to use it

The track can get wet and muddy, so wellies or boots are better than your nice new shoes

Overalls and shoe covers are available for £3 each or £5 together. We recommend you cover your arms and legs


Our Quad Bike sessions take place in the woods near Worsley Village, Eccles, Manchester.

See the page about our Manchester Site for details.


No driving license required

Upper weight limit of 21 Stone (133kg)

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