Quad Biking at Adventure Now

Quad biking is FANTASTIC! That’s what our customers tell us and why we have instructors queueing up to run the sessions.

Our instructors love riding the quads and they will go out of their way to make your session a fantastic experience. This is proper woodland quad biking at its best. You'll tackle a wide range of natural and man-made obstacles, but the course changes as quickly as the weather, so no two sessions are the same.

Quad Biking


30-50 minute driving time

Minimum 16 years old

Minimum 2 people

Manchester only


Choose Your Quad Bike Experience

Quad Ramble


The Quad Ramble gives you a full 30 minutes of proper quad biking in fantastic woodland terrain.
You'll be driving through the varied landscape of oak and birch trees, ferns and dense rhododendron.

Quad Trek


The Quad Trek includes all the elements of the Quad Ramble but adding in more challenging elements of the track as well as a range of natural and man-made obstacles dotted around the woods.
You'll be driving the quad for a full 45 minutes.

Quad Explorer


The Explorer session is the premium Quad Biking package for anyone wanting an amazing Quad Biking experience through the woods and over obstacles.
Includes everything from the Quad Trek but with more time on the track and with more obstacles.
With a full 50 minutes on the quads you'll not be disappointed.

What You Get

Full-size quad bike, ideal for the terrain we'll encounter

A safety brief and instructions on how to drive the quads

An overview of what the route is likely to cover as this varies with the weather

A full 30, 45 or 50 minutes driving your quad over fantastic terrain and obstacles

What to Bring

You'll be issued with a crash helmet and gloves, helmets being compulsory.

The track can get wet and muddy, so wellies or boots are better than your nice new shoes.

Overalls are available for £3 per person but they are optional. You must have your arms and legs covered.


Our Quad Bike sessions are in Botany Bay Woods, Manchester.

See the page about our Manchester Site for details.

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