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Crossbow shooting at Adventure Now

Crossbows are the high-tech version of archery, which is surprisingly easy to master. You'll be impressed at your accuracy and the effectiveness of these weapons.

You will be shooting targets and playing a variety of games under the expert tuition of our instructors.

Despite being more lethal than traditional archery bows, these weapons are easy to use and require less physical effort. Truly a weapon for the more refined archer!



1 hour session

Minimum 12 years old

Minimum 2 people

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What You Get

A range of targets to shoot at

A safety briefing and demo on how to load and fire the crossbow to score gold

A few practice shots under the guidance of your instructor until you get the hang of it

Ongoing supervision to keep everyone safe and having fun

Competition, fun and games that give everyone a chance to win


Our Crossbow sessions take place in the woods near Worsley Village, Eccles, Manchester as well as at the Kenwood Hall Hotel in Nether Edge, Sheffield.

See the page about our Sheffield Site or Manchester Site for details.

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Crossbows are lethal weapons, so we take safety seriously. But used correctly, shooting crossbows is an amazing experience and perfectly safe.

The crossbows have safety catches on the triggers to prevent any accidental firing. We also discourage people from shooting the instructors or wearing open toe shoes.