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Bushcraft at Adventure Now

Connect to nature and experience first-hand the skills required to live outdoors.

Learn the basics of survival in a fun and interesting way, tailored especially for your group.

We'll show you how to start a fire using traditional flint and steel, how to build and maintain a fire for warmth and cooking, whilst being safe and sympathetic to the surroundings.



1½ hour session

Minimum 7 years old

Minimum 4 people

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What You Get

An introduction to survival techniques from your friendly and knowledgeable instructor

A chance to build a shelter that will keep you reasonably warm and dry in a survival situation

Hands-on fire lighting using a flint and steel instead of matches or a lighter

Using fire to toast marshmallows or cook food

Boiling water using a Kelly Kettle to make a hot drink

Tailored To Your Group

Kids groups will build shelters and light fires with flint & steel. You'll even get to toast marshmallows on an open fire.

Great for Kids Parties. To really bring out your inner survivor why not combine Bushcraft with Archery.

Adult groups learn to survive using the resources available. The session includes fire lighting, boiling water for a hot drink and toasting marshmallows if you're really good!


Burns really hurt so safety is our priority, but that doesn't make it boring.

Your instructor will ensure that everyone knows how to light a fire safely and keep it under control.

If we cook on the fire, your instructor will demonstrate the safe use of the equipment.

Please ensure that long hair is tied back and avoid loose clothing.
Dress for the weather, survival situations don't always come along when the weather is nice.

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Our Bushcraft sessions take place in the woods near Worsley Village, Eccles, Manchester as well as at the Kenwood Hall Hotel in Nether Edge, Sheffield.

See the page about our Sheffield Site or Manchester Site for details.